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David Valner glass valner studio design DValner Recovered


“The history of the production of one particular glass factory is recorded in a series of objects under a unified name – Recovered.”


The main idea of the collection is to give the glass process waste a new shape and meaning, and above all to preserve its unique aesthetic qualities, which have become the main sources of inspiration. The aesthetics of glass destroyed deliberately and in a controlled manner is evident on every object in the Recovered and Recovered.history series, although the processing techniques and forms are strikingly different. The colour scheme of individual objects reflects the history of glass production of one particular glassmaking studio. The collection consists of three series, each representing a particular type and treatment of waste, and aims to interpret the viewer’s unique aesthetic experience with

a little exaggeration.




David Valner


Handcrafted glass



Finished products with defect

The so-called quality inspection is carried out in the glassworks. About 10% of products with various defects, from large bubbles to so-called “stones”, i.e. unmelt pieces of glass raw materials, will not pass this check in case of hand-made custom production. These are almost finished products, but unfortunately, they have to be thrown into a waste container. The use of this material

has become the primary inspiration for originally decorated vases. The cold defective product is put back into the mould in

which it was created and new hot glass is “blown” into it. Thermal shock will crack the original product and create

a unique decor of the new object.

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