In glassmaking terminology, the "kopna" refers to excess glass on the upper portion of a hollow object that is formed by virtue of the technology used. Under normal circumstances, this cap must be removed when manually forming glass by blowing it into moulds. In this case, however, the cap is left on the object on purpose to form the dominant shape of the vase.  Unlike shaping glass into a wooden mould where the proportions of the product's bottom section are given, the shape of the "cap" differs in each individual case. This only emphasises the manual craftsmanship and the shape of each item produced is unique.          

Both parts of the vase are separated and then reconnected by small but strong magnets. The final product has the potential for multiple uses: as a freestanding interior object, a container, a functional vase for bouquets, or a single flower with a long stem. 




David Valner


Handcrafted glass



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